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Who is EUrunner?
David Kuneš

My name is David Kuneš, and I’m a runner. I came up with the EUrunner brand about two years ago. At that time, I started to run ultra-marathons and wanted to document my adventures. So I commenced writing a blog. I ran all over Europe then; hence, the name EUrunner.

I used to race a lot, but gradually, the races stopped satisfying me. More recently, I have been enjoying unbridled mountain runs. I carry all I need with me on my back in a small backpack. I can run like this for several days in a row.

I moved the blog to my Facebook page, where I regularly publish all the news and stories about my adventures. Besides, I communicate with fans using videos on my YouTube channel. I also occasionally prepare running courses for the public, sharing experiences with other runners, and teaching them how to run.

To get in touch, send me a message via messenger chat or email me at