Hey, my name is David. I am an ultrarunner from the Czech Republic, Europe. In general, I like many sports, but ultrarunning is my greatest passion. I run almost every day, covering long distances. I prefer multiday mountains runs, carrying all I need in just a small backpack. It is such freedom! Sometimes I also participate in races, but I prefer those taking place in the mountains. I don’t seek out crowded places, so I am deliberately picking events with fewer participants and beautiful nature. People started asking me about my experience at some point in my runner’s career, so I began to write this blog to share it with a broader audience. For further information on my training and running, visit my social network profiles.


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April 2020: Czech Highland

This two-day run was just a test. I needed to try both the gear and my readiness before the beginning of the ultrarunning season. Click the paragraph heading to check out a video from this little adventure of mine. (Czech with English captions.)

May 2020: High Ash Mountains

In May, I set out for a three-days run through the small Czech mountain range High Ash Mountains (Jeseníky). Because of the coronavirus situation, all facilities were closed; therefore, this was a hundred percent self-supported run. Click the heading to watch the video. (Czech with English captions.)

June 2020: Giant Mountains

My favorite Giant mountains (Krkonoše) are a little gem in the Czech Republic. That's why I have planned a trip across its ridges. In four days, I am about to run through the most beautiful places in the area. Check out the course of my planned route by clicking the heading.

July 2020: High Tauren

High Tauren mountains are the highest and one of the most beautiful mountain ridges in Austria. The peaks soar well above three thousand meters above sea level. It's worth exploring. Click the heading to explore the planned route.

August 2020: L'Echappelle Belle

This race is going to be a tough one. I am not afraid of those 150 kilometers of distance, but climbing more than eleven thousand meters seems unimaginable. Hopefully, it won't get canceled as many other races this year.

September 2020: Corsica GR 20

Allegedly, this is supposed to be one of the most beautiful trails in Europe. It stretches 180 kilometers from North to South across the Mediterranean island of Corsica. So definitely, I want to give it a try.


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My running activities are financially demanding. Therefore, I would appreciate a marketing partner helping me to cover at least some expenses. In exchange, I offer to promote products I have been using regularly for running. Interested? Please leave me a message via my social channels.