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About me
Back then, when I was a kid, I used to have a lot of dreams. I planned hiking adventures throughout the entire world. In my imagination, I conquered the highest mountains and overcame parched deserts. I also discovered beautiful places. Undoubtedly, there was an amazing future awaiting me. But then, as I grew, I became caught up in the reality of day-to-day life. I had started studying, then even working, and the entire dream remained hidden in some dark secluded place in my mind. And yet all that time I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that there was something wrong with my life. Even though I was professionally successful, I was still missing something. And then I stopped. It had taken just a few months before I returned to my previous adventurous plans.

I have been running since I was a child. The truth is that I wasn’t a very successful runner because I lack an innate desire to win, but it does not prevent me from enjoying the activity. Initially, similarly to other runners, I raced every weekend, but I gradually became aware of the fact that more than racing, I liked just the type of runs where I can run on my own, and determine both the pace and length. At that time, running stopped being a sport to me, and it became instead a means for discovery. I started to plan longer and longer runs, which enabled me to get to know new regions.

It seemed natural that my longing for adventure and passion for running would, in the end, harmoniously merge. Even some time ago, whenever I traveled to a foreign country, I used to pack my running gear. Running enabled me to discover much more extensive or vaster areas than when just hiking. Thanks to running I also reached locales that I would otherwise have missed. Afterwards, there was just one more step to take, involving learning to use modern technology to share my experiences with others. After all, what would a special experience be good for, if it couldn’t be shared?

Recently, my biggest dream is to master the entire Via Alpina red route, which stretches all the way across the Alps. This is but one of many aspirations of mine. Before starting my Alpine adventure, I plan to run in the Atacama Desert, in national parks of the Land of Fire, to cover a 14-day long journey through the northern mountains of Czechia, to cross the ridges of Slovakian mountains, and conquer the peaks of Sardinia. You too can take part in it by following my progress on this website, as well as on my social media accounts, where I regularly publish curiosities from my trips.

My name is David Kuneš. I live in the Czech Republic, in the small town of Tišnov. If you want to contact me, you can do so via social networks, or you can use this email: