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taking car of feet

Taking care of feet

ESSAY When I was just starting with long runs, I suffered a lot because of various foot conditions. I... read more

winter lanscape

Prague Ultra-trail

ESSAY Let me start at the end: I did it. For the first time, I ran a hundred-miler, an approximately... read more


Motivation of runners

ESSAY Ultramarathon runners usually cover dozens of kilometers daily. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of... read more


Pain management

ESSAY This summer, for the fourth time in a row, Kilian Jornet won a tough 100-mile race with more than 10 ki... read more

gopro hero 5

GoPro for runners

REVIEW The idea of buying an action camera first struck me more than a year ago when running in Arizona. Back th... read more

High Ash mountains

High Ash Mountains

TRAIL By now you are most probably familiar with my plan to eventually conquer the Alps. However, in order... read more



TRAIL Once again in May, my colleague and I had to participate in a business event, this time in Lyon, France. There... read more



TRAIL I usually plan my runs so that they take place before or after a business trip, and this one was no exceptional ... read more



TRAIL Brittany has taught me that when planning a trail route, it does not suffice just to insert points into the maps... read more

Moravian ultramarathon

MUM Ultramarathon

RACE Seven marathons in seven days. Impressive, isn’t it? At least that's how it has sounded to me for several years since... read more

Sedona, Arizona


TRAIL To me, the desert was a synonym for hot weather. I would never have thought that it could snow in May... read more